S m a s h & B a t h

The first year of your child's life is something worth celebrating! I'm sure you can agree that baby's grow and change at an astounding rate. It's almost hard to remember those sleepless nights with a newborn now that you have this happy entertaining soon-to-be-toddler who has become the light of your life. Smash and Bath sessions are a great way to freeze them just as they are right now - and commemorate their very first birthday ! Beyond the typically smash cake , I offer three sets . One that is classic , non-themed, and will give you those sweet updated portraits, next the yummy part; cake! I will put together a set in a theme of your choice. We finish up with a nice warm bubble bath; a fun way to create beautiful simplistic portraits capturing looks of awe and wonder! I recommend booking at least 3 weeks prior to your little one's first birthday celebration so you'll have the images ready to share with your guests! Ready to book? Click the contact me tab at the top! Can't wait to celebrate with you!!!

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