Hi There!

I'm Christie. Mother of three inspirational, heart warming, passionate, loving and gorgeous children. Trying to explain how amazing my children are is out of the question, there are no words that will pinpoint the amount of love I have for them, or to sum up the infinite joy they bring to me . I'm happily married to Joe- who has had my heart since highschool. Since our children were born , I have had the opportunity to stay home and raise them, which was my number one priority. Being a stay at home parent , and running a business simultaneously has it's challanges, but I feel so passionately about both and truly lucky to have the support needed to do all the things I love.

Being an emotional, sentimental mother is what drives my passion for photography. It was my children who fueled my passion, which eventually became Tiny Heart Photography. Wanting to be able to revisit the seemingly mundane moments - you know, those moments that you don't realize the importance of; like when those little teeth that were once budding through slobbery grins are being slid under pillows, or fingers wrapped around yours with true need for guidance are wrapped around bike handles, or beyond that, car steering wheels. Those moments that only become more important as the years pass, and the ability to preserve them, is my driving force.

Beyond my work and my family, I am a sister, an aunt, a daughter and a friend to the most amazing people. Many of my closest friends and I started our friendships through working together. I love to run, travel, hike, and be outdoors in the warmer months. I love good coffee, margaritas, seafood, a good sense of humor, funny memes, concerts, 90's and early 2000's hip hop/r&b , intelluctual conversations, home design, styling clients and of course, dressing my children up in adorable clothes and photographing them. I have four chickens, a french bulldog and a guinea pig. I love to garden , although not all things can survive me! haha! If there' is anything else you want to know, ask when we meet for your shoot! :) I can't wait to get to you know you better, too!



“Every experience I’ve had with Christie has been 100% the best time spent with my children and family. The shoots are styled amazingly not to mention capturing moments you will want to cherish forever and ever. Your home will have a true art gallery of your family that will hold up to time. She’s amazing and just keeps getting better!”