With a new year comes new experiences, and I am always up for something new. In addition to expanding my availability to allow for evening sessions with my newest purchase (studio lighting), I welcomed the idea of boxing portraits when Elijah's mom suggested it. While I have never done boxing portraits, I knew that I could handle it and was looking forward to have the opportunity to be creative. I wanted to make sure that I touch on the traditional poses while modernizing the overall look of the portraits. Clearly, I wanted them to highlight Elijah's strength, passion, energy and form while being fierce, and having some grit.

Hearing Elijah talk about his passion was so refreshing. He made it so clear that he has exactly what it takes to make this a career, and with an amazing mother who supports him, I have no doubt that he'll go far. I truly loved shooting these photos and enjoyed the post processing to make them really pop and create texture and highlight the details.

As if I didn't highly recommend following your passion and making it your career enough, starting the new year out with shooting these makes me eager to connect with more people whom are pursuing a passion or own small businesses. Elijah's mom is also a small business owner so it was refreshing to talk to someone who knows all the trials and tribulations of owning a business!!

If you have an idea, let's bring it to life! With years of experience I am confident that we can brand your business, highlight your passions or create portraits to use on social media and other platforms you may be interested in using to launch a new project or idea!